Reviews from Our Students



Toni A.

"My husband signed me up for the ladies' beginner class and I'm not gonna lie, at first I was skeptical. I wanted to be more confident handling a handgun, but I didn't want to feel like I was being talked down to by some "tactical" jack. Luckily, the class was nothing like I was expecting.  
Mike and Mia made us all feel so comfortable. The class was fun and empowering. They helped me build up my basic skills and accomplish more than I thought I could in only one day. I have already encouraged my mom and sisters to sign up and I can't wait to take the level 2 class." 

Lori B.

"I had the best time yesterday shooting with these awesome ladies and the one and only Mike Pannone ... Mike is a legend and a war hero that has a passion to teach all of us what to do when the stuff hits the fan. 

I highly recommend any of my gal friends who want to learn how to shoot and protect yourself and your family to go to this class put on by Gunterest. 
Gunterest is owned by an everyday woman that fell in love with shooting. And that we as women are remarkable and can do extraordinary things! Like hitting a steel target at 40 yards!"




Marcela C.


"I was never the type of person that was into guns until I met my now husband.  We went shooting a few times and with much patience, he taught me a little bit on how to handle a gun, but always recommended to take a class to learn more.

I always related guns to guys, and didn't want to feel intimidated in a room full of dudes, and me being the only chick, so I didn't even bother looking into it.

He was the one that told me about Mia's class, so I signed up to see what it was all about. I am so glad I did. I learned so much from Mike and Mia. They tell you the ins and outs of a pistol and how handle it properly. I am so thankful for Mia and her desire to teach regular, every day women how to use a gun and protect themselves. I can say now that I feel more confident and know what I'm doing a little more, compared to before. I highly recommend this class!"



Chris B.

"To anyone thinking about sending their wife, girlfriend or daughter to a class with Mike Pannone and Gunterest, I would highly recommend it! I am a 28 year veteran of a large metropolitan law enforcement agency on the west coast and can't say enough great things about this class and the instructors.  I signed my wife up who was a little apprehensive about going to a class taught by an ex-tier one military guy.  

Well after the class she couldn't stop talking about the class, the students and the instructors.  She said Mike Pannone was the perfect tempo for a group of women who had some to no experience with firearms, there was no screaming, no ego, just simple easy to understand principles which translated into every student hitting steel targets at 45 yards by the end of the day.  She has told all of her gal friends about the class and recommended it to all of them. She said if you are serious about protecting yourself and your families, get the training. She already wants to attend the intermediate class later in the year.  -The husband of a grateful Gunterest grad!" 


Mitch O.

"It's usually me taking the firearm out of the car and putting it away but my wife told me to "step aside and that she got it."  Wow I was impressed.  That shows me that her level of confidence sky rocketed. I followed to our bedroom. Watched her take out the firearm, clear it and put it away. Not even once did she ask me for help.  Impressive.  She's talking about taking the February beginners advance class already. 

      Seeing your set up at the range for the 20 min I was there I was very impressed with how organized you guys were.  Mike is an outstanding character and I got a couple minutes talking with him about our past training and Iraq adventures.  As for a husband of a wife who has been raised in a closed minded environment trying to get her to see things in a tactical way was impossible.  I needed a classroom setting with like- minded individuals (women) to make her feel comfortable.  And we found that in GUNTEREST.  We look forward to future trainings with you and the company and would love to do some shooting with Mike one of these days.  SEMPER FI .

-Mitchell O., Faithful Husband, father, firefighter and Marine.


Jennifer M.

What an awesome class! The new skill set I obtained from a one day class is amazing. Training is such an important aspect of gun ownership and I am so thankful Gunterest is around to train woman how to protect themselves and their family. Hats off to you Mia and Mike Pannone for being such positive advocates of our 2nd Amendment. Can't wait for the next class. I really need to break out my AR hint hint

Kim R.

I needed this class. My husband owns  several  firearms but I couldn't even check to see if one was loaded due to my inexperience. After one day in the beginners Gunterest class I am confident and comfortable handling, disassembling, and reassembling the guns in our safe. The firearm safe-handling instruction was excellent and  reinforced throughout the day.  In addition, shooting 300 rounds gave me a much needed familiarization with handling my gun.  I have been recommending the course to friends and coworkers and plan to take another class with more friends. It was a great time with a lot of learning and fun! 

Amber M.

I have taken several firearms courses over the past several years and shoot on a regular basis. However, I have never taken an ALL WOMEN class. In fact, I have always been the only woman or one of a very small minority in the class. I saw the one day Mike Pannone class and chose to take it because I have been wanting to train with Mike and because the one day course fit with my busy schedule. I was, however, hesitant to do so. 

I usually take advanced courses at this stage but figured it would not hurt to take an intermediate course because it is always good to go back to the basics. I was concerned though that the class would be dumbed down and slower because it was a bunch of females being taught by an alpha male used to training a bunch of men. I could not have been more wrong. Mike challenged and pushed each of us. He even adapted some of the drills to the individual to make them more or less challenging depending on the shooters skill level. The only difference I saw between an all women class and a "normal" class was less testosterone. 

Gunterest also offers something that I have never seen in other classes. Mia tests many of the holsters and conceled carry gear on the market. She spends a short amount of time covering the different items and discussing the pros and cons of each item. That is great for women who are usually not tactical gear heads. It was an awesome touch to the class as was the water and snacks.

I will definately consider a Gunterest class and/or a Mike Pannone class again.


Kelly B.

Just shared with my bunco group what a spectacular experience the beginner level course was. My husband bought me a gun for my birthday almost 2 years ago after I mentioned it might be a good stress reliever to hit up a range. The gun had stayed locked up because I was uncomfortable with it. I showed up Saturday without ever having fired a handgun. Taking it apart and learning how it all worked gave me the level of comfort I sought. I didn't want to just go take a CHL class that are so common here in TX. I wanted to understand how it all works. The drills to simulate a misfire were helpful as well. Mike's instruction and descriptions were clear and easy to follow. I wish I could have taped him say smooth and steady pressure. Your ability to diagnose and nip bad habits in the bud was impressive and helpful. The icing on the cake was hitting a target at 40 yards - it felt incredible! I now feel comfortable handling a gun and am looking forward to shooting for fun and stress relief. Thank you! I will definitely be back to another course. 


Tina H.

Oh my, how to begin?  I only signed up for the beginner class on Saturday, since I assumed the Sunday Intermediate class was going to be too much for me since, before this class, I had never fired a handgun.  After Saturday's class, however, I really wanted to come back!  Mike and Mia both ensured that the class was tailored to your experience level, and helped you with anything that you were unsure or uncomfortable with.  Our "beginner" class had a range of experience levels, but everyone was challenged while not overwhelmed.

After leaving Saturday, I felt so much more confident handling and managing a handgun.  Mike and Mia both kept the class moving and the environment comfortable for the audience.  It wasn't a testosterone filled "let's shoot guns and drink beer" fest, but I learned the mechanics of what I was doing and why.  I didn't learn just how to shoot, but how to really handle a weapon safely and confidently.

Thank you both Mia and Mike for the wonderful experience!  


Natalie R. (Age 15)

“Women can’t shoot” “Women are weak”. I’ve heard all these things before, online, at school, but it’s never stopped me from reaching my goals. I’ve never let it hold me back. When I heard about Mike Pannone’s basic and intermediate all women’s pistol class I knew I had to go, and I made my dad drive me 8 long hours to take me. In this class I didn’t just learn how to shoot but also why I shoot. Why it’s important to know how in cases of self defense. Shooting isn’t only for men who like to rack guns hard and drink beer. If you want to learn how, don’t be afraid to go do it, many other women will be here to support you. Mike Pannone and Mia Wood, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience and I surely will be attending again. 



 Laurie S.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have attended the class with you and Mike last Saturday.  Although I was nervous to be attending an intermediate class as my first one, I could not have had a better experience.  You, Mike and Alex were so attentive, helpful and supportive; not once did I feel like I didn’t belong in that class.  (Although I do recommend taking the beginner class first.) 

Mike is an amazing trainer; I appreciated learning  the "why" behind the various techniques he taught  as well as the individual  attention  received.   My fellow classmates were friendly and encouraging; making it an all-around awesome experience!   I am hooked and  can't wait to take another class with Gunterest!


Frances T.

Thank you, Gunterest, for providing us women with this incredible opportunity to discover and explore our hidden passion for firearms. I couldn't believe it when several times during the class, I actually thought to myself, "This is fun!" 
Thank you, Mike Pannone, for agreeing to instruct the "weaker sex", and reminding us that we aren't. Your incredible reputation in the shooting community with pros and novices alike, as well as your solid super-soldier military background has made you a sought-after instructor and it tells me you need not do this -- yet you choose to do so. Gunterest and CTT Solutions -- you guys are rockstars! I'm coming back for more.




Veronica E.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your Basic handgun class. As well as for Mike's awesome instruction. He made it such a fun and comfortable learning experience. Plus being surrounded with women made me feel a little more at ease. I'm sure a class with a majority of men would make me feel intimated (like your past experience you shared with us). 

My coworker and friend, Fred, has taken courses with Mike in the past and he said he has followed him throughout different states. He strongly feels that if I am going to continue learning about shooting, safety, etc..Mike is the one!

When Fred told me he saw your classes posted online in collaboration with Mike he urged me to sign up right away.  When I found out that the intermediate class was cancelled I was a little bit bummed since I've taken other shooting classes before. Initially, i was planning on canceling altogether once I found out the class was canceled but I knew that regardless I wanted to take part of the class with you and Mike. I feel there is always room for learning and growth! And what I got from your Basic handgun course was absolutely worth it! 

One of my pros to the class was the "pile test". In my past classes we never field stripped a gun. I've had to watch YouTube videos. But to actually take multiple handguns in a bin and figure out how to reassemble them back together correctly was a smart and very clever way to help me understand the parts of a gun. 

Shooting steel from 10 yards up to 40 yards was also amazing. I loved the sound of it! It helped me focus on breathing, trigger control and my front sights. Every time I would shoot I remember to say to myself (like Mike mentioned) "front sights, trigger, fronts sights, trigger..." I can wait to take what I've learned last Saturday and apply it again tomorrow at the range :)

I also really enjoyed getting to know the women in the class. I remembered your comment about how we all gathered around the table (boxes and buckets of ammo) loading our magazines and it reminded you of the old west town when women gathered around and talked and laughed

Thank you Mia for a great experience. I can't wait for the Intermediate class next time :)