Where can I find range-friendly clothes?

 A good rule of thumb is clothing you would feel comfortable for a light hike.  I like www.backcountry.com.  It's an outlet for outdoorsy active wear, with labels like Prana, Kuhl, and Columbia at clearance prices. Click on the backcountry logo to the right to start shopping!

 Where can I find range-friendly clothes?

Where can I find range-friendly clothes?

Where can I find holsters and magazine pouches?

You can take your chances on Amazon, but if you want a personal and very cost-affordable shopping experience, we recommend Frank Eaton at Eaton Tactical Innovations or Tony Meyer at JM Custom Kydex. Both men have established reps in the industry and have already serviced many of our clientele with their rainbow variety of guns and questions.  Just tell them you were referred by Gunterest. I don't receive any kickbacks, but they do like to know where their female referrals come from, and they are both enthusiastic supporters of Gunterest.


How Can I Practice?

Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Laser Training Pistol by Next Level Training

Train at home.  This is the lead training tool on the market for both competition and defensive training.  

Click here to learn how to use it for your own practice. 


Is there ear protection that won't press against my head?


Those big bulky ear muffs can hurt and make your ears sweaty after a while. Walker's makes a pair with patented ear buds to fit snugly yet comfortably in your ears.  It includes different sizes in ear buds since one size doesn't always fit all.

The "Razor X" model is your standard electornic ear pro. Price: $100

The "Razor XV" also includes bluetooth capabilities.  This means you can listen to music from that phone in your pocket and hear that call or text come through. Price: $110

Both model retract the buds with a touch of a button and rest easily around your neck. No batteries needed. It recharges through a USB port.


This nylon belt by        G-Code Tactical is thick enough to support your holster and mag pouches but light enough to feel comfortable at the end of a full and active day of training.  It's made of two layers. The bottom loops through your belt holes like a traditional belt. The top  - which has even sections through which to hook your mag pouches and holster  - velcros on top, over belt loops and all. That means you only need to peel off that top layer like a sticker to take off your gun, holster, and mag pouches.  

Price: $90


The best known name in gun range belts: Ares Gear.


Their belts come with a lifetime guarantee and their quality is unrivaled, no exaggeration.  I wear an Aegis belt and I've crawled on my belly on concrete with that metal buckle and barely scratched it.  Pretty amazing.  

Their website is frustrating to navigate and the photos look dude-centric but don't be deterred. I recommend a call or email if you have questions or want to order. It is most certainly worth that little bit of effort.

We give away an Aegis buckle every once in a while in our classes. If you're a lucky recipient, you just call the secret phone number on the back and get special instructions on how to mail it in and get a free belt.


Concealed Carry Apparel: Belts

Your typical fashion-conscious belt isn't designed to secure your concealed firearm, but these options can serve the dual purpose of function and fashion.

Chris Osman Designs EDC belt

Sometimes you just need the support of a belt to strap your gun and holster against your body.  The webbed Chris Osman belt uses a hook and loop system instead of a buckle which leaves no  printing. It works well when soft waistbands can't support the weight of a gun and/or your outfit's look just wouldn't work well with a traditional belt. Designed by a former Navy SEAL who wanted a simple EDC belt without the bulk of a buckle.

Price $20


Bladetech Industries EDC Belt

The leather-like belt from Bladetech Industries that won't stretch or warp with time or water.  The super flat buckle prevents any bulge and its classic black and silver works well with any outfit, dressed up or down.

Price: $50 

Discount code: GT2017 for 25% off


Rebel Gear Contoured Gun Belt

Designed by an everyday female gun owner who regularly carries concealed, this beautiful handmade belt by Rebel Gear is made from a single layer of bull hide.  No break-in period needed, and no layers or liners to fall apart after months or years of use. Comes in black with stainless steel buckle or brown leather with solid brass buckle.  Her site also has decorative buckles that you can switch in and out easily.

Price: $70


Concealed Carry Apparel: IWB Holsters

Match your Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster to your wardrobe and lifestyle.  Here are a few female-friendly selections to browse from:


Thin, comfortable IWB holsters

From left to right:

(1)Eaton Tactical (2) JM Custom  (3) Bladetech "Klipt" (4) Spetzgear Suede IWB (various colors) For a 15% discount on Spetzgear IWB holsters, use the code "gunterest" at checkout.


Belly Bands for Women: The CanCan Concealment Holster

This belly band by CanCan Concealment is contoured to women's curves and closes with bra hook clasps instead of (scratchy) velcro. It's handy for bathroom visits: Just hike up the band around your middle. There's no holster to undo or risk that your gun clatters to the floor .

The bellyband allows you the choice of behind your back or appendix-style carry. 

It comes in three different sizes, depending on the size of your gun. You also have options in ribbon color. 

Price: $76 - $85.

(Pictured below with Glock 19. )


Concealment Shorts

These spandex shorts with sewn in holsters are a cult favorite.  Despite your first impression, these shorts are far from stifling. Your gun is plastered  close to your body and there's no added weight to your clothes. The shorts can be worn with the holsters forward or backward. Despite the images here, the elastic waistline doesn't sit that high. I was practicing hundreds of draws that day, which pulled my shorts higher than usual.  

These come in nude and white.

These shorts are a popular undergarment for dresses and skirts, but - as you can see- work well with pants as well.

By Undertech Undercover Price: $60

By AC Undercover. Price: $30

Gunterest Water Bottles 

Great for your daily 20 ounce dose of cold pressed juice, green juice, cold brew, H20, or whatever your hydration of choice!  Top dishwasher rack safe.

Click here to purchase from our vendor: Shop Laurel and Olive

Price $15