Nov 4-5 || Santa Clarita/Newhall/Saugus, CA || Basic & Intermediate

Nov 4-5 || Santa Clarita/Newhall/Saugus, CA || Basic & Intermediate

from 300.00

***Fees are priced to account for higher range costs at this venue***

Date:  Sat, Nov 4 (Basic) & Sun, Nov 5 (Intermediate)

Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for each day

Location: Oaktree Gun Club

                23121 Coltrane Avenue, Newhall, CA         

What You Will Learn:


  • Safety
  • Proper draw and holstering
  • Weapons disassembly/assembly and handling for a variety of handgun types
  •  How to load/reload/unload properly and efficiently
  • Strong side and support side shooting
  • Malfunctions and how to correct them
  •  Shooting drills designed for precision, speed and confidence
  •  Mindset
  • Alternative weapons for self-defense


Note: This is a different curriculum than previous intermediate classes

  • Barricade shooting
  • Confined space shooting

  • Covert carry techniques and shooting

  • Simunitions training(Students will be shooters only)

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What You Need to Bring:

  • A quality handgun of either 9mm/40S&W/.45ACP caliber
  •  A holster that fits your gun
  •  At least 2 magazine pouches and 3 magazines
  •  A sturdy, rigid belt suitable for all-day holster carry
  • Tinted eye protection for day use
  •  Ear protection
  • Approximately 300 rounds of ammo for Basic/400 rounds of ammo for Intermediate
  • Strongly suggested: Hat or baseball cap (that does not interfere with hearing protection)