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The Right Trigger Press

The Right Trigger Press


Now that you have your trigger finger and grip in the right place, you’re ready to PRESS the trigger.

As simple as these steps sound – finding your master grip, correctly placement of your trigger finger, and the right trigger press – when your shots start flinging in unintended directions, you circle back to the basics.  Trigger press is one of them.

No Shrimp Tails

The most common error is the trigger snatch.  That’s where your trigger finger jerks back like a shrimp tail on the trigger.  When you move your trigger finger too forcefully, you activate a sympathetic neural response which causes your entire grip to tense up in a mini spasm.  This literally prevents you from keeping your hands still.  What results?  A whole lot of shots in the lower left of your target, even though you were aiming for the bullseye.  (If you’re a left handed shooter, your shots fall to the lower right of your target.)

Try this with your SIRT laser pistol.  Intentionally snatch back on that trigger and see what happens when you.  You’ll see your laser shot drop low and off to the side.  If you’re a left handed shooter, your shots will fall low and right.

How do you fix that Shrimp Tail?

You close the “C.”  Make a “C” with your thumb and index finger of your firing hand

Touch the tips together.  Notice how much more your index finger moves compared to your thumb?  This is the same motion to use for your trigger finger.

Visualize closing that “C” as you press back on that trigger.  This is the smooth and even pressure you need for a controlled trigger pull and consistent shot placement.

Press back with even pressure, without disturbing the lay of your sights.

See how easy that was?  Next time you see your shots go low left (or low right if you’re left handed), walk yourself back through the above.  I have often softly whispered to myself “smooth and even pressure to the rear” just to get myself back on track.  

How do you regroup if you're having a bad range day? I'd love to hear!

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