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A Holster Primer for the Modern Woman - Part 4

A Holster Primer for the Modern Woman - Part 4

Friday Faves

Women have a few more challenges but also a few more places where they carry their gun. Here are some options based on where you want to hide or carry your firearm.


No belt? No problem.

The Bladetech Klipt Holster.  One of the most counterfeited designs out there since Bladetech came up with the design.  Bladetech came up with the injection molding technique for holsters, making some of the most durable but lightweight products on the market.  

This holster is so easy to clip on and clip off your waistband, it will quickly become your go-to.  It's sturdy but it doesn't mangle your clothes. It solves the bathroom dilemmas, with that heavy gun threatening to flop on the floor when it's time to go.  Simply unclip it, and place it on top of the toilet paper dispenser, or stow it in your purse.  The gun never comes out of the holster - which it shouldn't unless you're going to use it, clean it, or putting it away.

If you use "GT25" as a promo code on Bladetech's website, you'll enjoy a 25% off discount on everything in your cart.



Convert your purse into a concealed carry with the Klipt

I also developed a nifty little trick to adapt this to my purse, without the need for a specialty concealed carry purse.


Undertech Undercover Concealment Shorts 

No that is not a picture of me! 

For those outfits that can't accommodate a gun-friendly belt on the waist, try the Undertech Undercover Concealment Shorts.  I was struck at how lightweight and comfortable the material was.  It breathed very well and I didn't feel hot and overlayered...and I was wearing them under jeans! Another friend of mine also wears these on a regular basis for her concealed carry, and she had the same comments about its comfort and versatility under a variety of clothes.

They come in nude and black.  Another version of these shorts come in white.  There are two holsters sewn onto the same side, to accommodate righties and lefties.  The shorts, though, can be flipped around, so you can wear your guns behind you or appendix.

The BellyBand by Elite Survival

A former special forces operative who accomplished some truly incredible things in his career told me about this Belly Band. He had used it in highly sensitive, politically-volatile scenarios overseas where he was supposed to be unarmed and should they have found his firearm secreted on his person, we would have had an international incident on our hands.   

I tried it with a Mustang Pocketlite, a .380 semiautomatic.  It fit the extra magazines effortlessly and it didn't itch, ride, or feel too constricting.  I wore it just under my chest, to take advantage of that pocket of space created by your clothes. It works especially well with drapey or cowled necklines.

You can also wear it around your waist, just inside your pants.

It's a combo of nylon and elastic (no latex).  Normally nylon by itself is a poorer choice for holsters, but this design puts the nylon as the backing and a high quality elastic to mold over your gun.  This ensures a snug fit and it won't snag on your gun.

I tried and tested all these products for myself and use them frequently.  If I have one less thing to worry about in my EDC setup, I am a more confident concealed carrier.


Let me know if you've tried any of these or if you have your own favorites!

Friday Faves - The Bladetech EDC Belt

Friday Faves - The Bladetech EDC Belt

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