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What's in Your Range Bag?

What's in Your Range Bag?

I'm sorry for the delay in blog posts. With the advent of Mira Official, Inc. it's been a thrilling pace, and the response from the women shooters and gun industry has been overwhelmingly promising.

With all this new and exciting busy-ness, you're lucky to have my friend and fellow Gunterest follower - Paul B. - kindly volunteer to write today's post on what to carry in your range bag.  He's a Marine veteran who helped write history in his military career and currently lives in East Texas with his young daughter, his black lab, and a pretty nifty drone.

Before I turn it over to Paul, I have to tell you, my own range bag is pretty sparse.  I only carry:

  • my gun
  • ammo
  • my "eyes and ears" (eye protection and ear protection)
  • my "speedloader" to load ammo into my magazines
  • targets 

Paul's post helped me re-think how I should see my bag.  His military experience to now full-time dad role lends some helpful insight to civilian shooters starting out, such as how to prepare your bag for a day at the range.  

I hope it helps you, too:

Everyone, meet Paul -

Hi…. First I would like to thank Gunterest for asking me to guest write, I’m honored. For the record, I have never written a blog post in my life, so if this is horrible, or not helpful – It’s ok. I’m good at other things. Lets get to it.

My name is Paul, and I do love to shoot. I am also an admitted gear nerd which means, I have a bit of a gear fascination. However, I think that’s how I am with everything I get into - whether it’s shooting, snowboarding, choosing comfortable bedding – you get the picture.

I’ve been shooting since I was probably 12 years old, but it wasn’t until I served in the military that I really got into shooting a lot, and that was mainly because shooting was literally my job. Getting my weapon and needed gear to the range wasn’t an issue when I was a Marine, because we “wore” our required shooting gear at all times. Everything we needed was always with us because we trained how we fought.

Home on the Range

Moving forward in life, I started to shoot on my own time as a hobby, and later as a concealed carry permit holder etc. Going to the range became part of my regular “me-time” life.

I noticed quite often that I would grab what I thought I needed, throw it in a backpack, head to the range and almost always forget something: Staples for targets, ear protection, extra mags, even ammo a couple of times.  For me having ADD, I would get so excited to go shoot that I would just hurry out the door to maximize range time.

It wasn’t until last year that I finally decided to create a designated range bag. Now, keep in mind I have a bug-out bag and “Truck Gun” in my vehicle at all times.  I also have a “loadout room” at my house that could probably overthrow a small country, and then I also have my own personal EDC (Every Day Carry) set up that’s with me all the time .

So I started using my designated range bag, and after every trip thereafter I would add something to it as I learned by mistakes. And just now do I have this thing figured out.  So pictured is everything that pretty much stays in my range bag. 

I have 2 primary pistols that I usually shoot, and 2 carbines (AR-15's) that I usually shoot. Both are 9mm and .223.

I also have shotguns, a long gun - a .308 or AR10 - for a sniper style/longer range set up, and a smaller back-up pistol, but I don’t shoot those regularly, as I don’t really carry those for self-defense. I do have separate bags for those.

Here’s a list of things I always carry to the range, regardless of what range I go to, what equipment they have, or what a friend “says” they are bringing. As the saying goes, “2 is 1, and 1 is none”

  • Range bag. Mine is from a Glock gun rep, but you can also find one from LA Police Gear for about $30 that works just fine; however, like all things “gun”, find and use whatever works for you. 
  • My guns (that would be really embarrassing).  The one depicted in the photo is a Glock 17 that has after-market work done by Salient Arms International.
  • A holster .  Mine is a kydex holster made by First Spear.
  • A magazine carrier that carries at least 2 magazines.
  • 3 Pistol magazines for my Glock 17, 3 mags for my Glock 19, and 3 AR15 mags.
  • Ammo: 200 rounds of .223 and 200 rounds of 9mm
  • A MultiTasker Tool
  • Cleaning gear by Breakthrough Cleaning in a bag by Griffon Industries
  • Ear protection by MSA Sordin and eye protection by Oakley
  • Shooting Gloves by SKD Tactical PIG 
  • A fresh pack of targets from your local gun store, Walmart, or Amazon.
  • A stapler and big box of staples to attach your targets.
  • An IFAK  (Individual First Aid Kit) from Dark Angel
 Clockwise from top: Ear protection by MSA Sordin; Sack by Griffon Industries with Breakthrough Cleaning kit; Ammo; and SKD Tactical shooting gloves.

Clockwise from top: Ear protection by MSA Sordin; Sack by Griffon Industries with Breakthrough Cleaning kit; Ammo; and SKD Tactical shooting gloves.

The IFAK is a military style first aid kit – absolute must when shooting.  Learn basic first aid, learn how to use a tourniquet, learn how to put pressure on a wound – take a first aid class, you just never know.

Post-Range Routine

After I shoot, when I get home:

  • I replace whatever ammo (and targets) I expended
  • Remove my weapons from the bag
  • Place the bag in my designated spot.

Then, when it’s time to go shoot again, I grab my weapons of choice, grab my bag, and jump in my truck and go.

It sounds simple, but for me as a very busy Dad and working man, my time is gold. I don’t want to waste time forgetting things, and eat into my range time. This all may sound simple, but by using to a designated range bag it has made my life much more simple, and my time on the range that much more enjoyable.

I hope this helps. The earlier you get into the routine of maintaining a range bag, the better off you’ll be. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and thanks to Gunterest, for allowing me to post on this killer blog. Happy shooting.

- Paul B. 

What's in your range bag? I'd love to hear from you.


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