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Laser Sights for Your Carry

Laser Sights for Your Carry

Pistol Laser Sights

If you’ve tried shooting a smaller size handgun, you’ll notice right away the sights are harder to see.  Since most of us carry these for defensive purposes, the laser sight is a great option that puts you at ease in many ways.

What are They?

The laser sight is affixed to your gun, whether a revolver or semi-automatic.  With a button or some other easy activation device, you’re able to point a laser dot before you fire.  That dot is where your shot will land.  You won’t have to adjust your eyes to align those hard-to-see front sight with the rear sights.

You can turn on any of these laser lights one-handed, with one finger.  There are four main types, broken down by how you flip them on:

·        A fingertip button

·        A fingertip switch

·        A butterfly switch or toggle switch

·        A tape switch that overlays your grip and turns on when your middle finger squeezes the grip


 An image of a "tape switch."  You turn it on by squeezing your middle finger on the grip. This version is for a small flashlight you can attach to your gun.

An image of a "tape switch."  You turn it on by squeezing your middle finger on the grip. This version is for a small flashlight you can attach to your gun.

Why Laser Sights?

Your Gun Comes with Poor Sights

Small guns are often fitted with poor sights and have a short sight radius. The laser sight helps fix that problem.  You can never substitute proper training, practice and marksmanship technique, but a laser sight will maximize your smaller gun’s accuracy in even moderately skilled hands. 

It Helps Maintain Your Focus on Your Threat

You immediately know where you’re pointing your muzzle. This means you have better control over safety, accuracy and speed of engagement.

If Your Target Shows Your Red Dot, You Can Shoot It.

If that laser sight dot is visible on your target, it means you have a clear shot.  If it’s not showing up, something is in your way.  This means you can shoot from literally any position that the muzzle can cover the target, something traditional iron sights cannot tell you.

It also allows you to keep the pistol close to your body if you’re stuck in close quarters, since you don’t have to hold the sights up to eye level.  Just have to squeeze your laser sight and see where that dot lands. It minimizes your risk of being disarmed.

Low Light Is Not An Issue

It allows you to target in low light with a speed and precision that is unsurpassed. Even tritium night sights will require you to look at them while your target is in the distance.  This is fine for a paper target at the range, but difficult for a moving target. A visible laser is far superior in this defensive scenario.  

A Great De-Escalation Tool

Say you have to pull out your gun for protection.  Most bad guys with some sense know that a laser-projected dot on their body means a firearm is more than likely attached thereto. With this laser sight tool, it is possible to de-escalate a potential attack.  The laser dot shows you are in a dominant position.


The same .380 handgun before (left) and after (right) the laser sight was mounted and attached.  This one uses a button that I can push on either side with my forefinger, directly in front of the trigger.

What to Look for In Your Laser Sight

1.      Lightweight and compact.

2.      Activated one-handed with either hand. The grip-activated or tape switch model is preferable because it allows you to draw and present your pistol no differently than your normal presentation. That stated, the most important factor is accessibility with either shooting hand and that you train on it.

3.      Durability.

4.  Holds zero. To “zero” your sights means they’re aligned correctly to begin with.  Whoever installs your sights will (and should) zero them for you and they also come with a small Allen wrench so if you go to the range it is easy to make adjustments and refine the zero on your firearm.

Where Can I Find One?

Two good places to start are Crimson Trace and LaserMax. I don’t think anyone can question your choices if you select from either brand. They are known to have the best selection and the highest quality laser sights with a very well know track record.


Any of you have laser sights on your gun? What kind of guns did you put them on? How do you like yours?


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