The Garter Holster

Also known as a Thigh Holster, this option for concealed carry is great for dresses and skirts.  I figured out a way to make it work with a fully loaded Glock 19.  If it works with a gun like that, it can certainly work with a slimmer, smaller gun.

Laser Sights for Your Carry

If you’ve tried shooting a smaller size handgun, you’ll notice right away the sights are harder to see.  Enter the laser sight. It's a great option that puts you at ease in many ways.

Friday Faves: The Trigger Guard IWB Holster

The Trigger Guard Holster.   My "skinny margarita" of an IWB holster.  I don't have to sacrifice enjoyment out of my favorite gun simply because it makes me "fat."  Also, see how I modified the current model to make it more female-friendly...



The Right Trigger Press

As simple as it sounds, your trigger press is one of the first things to revisit if your shots are landing somewhere other than where you intended.


What is a SIRT laser training pistol?  How do I use it?  I was skeptical until Mike Pannone showed myself and others how to use it.  I saw a marked improvement in my live fire at the range and my confidence as a shooter.  

What's in Your Range Bag?

Meet Paul, a Marine veteran who made history and is now a full-time dad and working man and visits the range whenever he can.  Here he offers some insight about you should carry in that one bag of yours.  What's in your range bag?