Nice to meet you...

My name is Mia Wood.

I started shooting in Summer 2015, on a lark.  I had just hung up my hat on a decade-plus career as an LA County Deputy District Attorney in Compton and a civil litigator in Orange County.   I had opened a private practice for selective clients and was going down my wishlist of pastimes that my career put on the back burner . 

I never imagined my shooting foray would last past my first lesson.  The proverbial bug bit me and I searched for more: More instruction, more information, more equipment, and – most importantly – a community of those just like me; yet, I found myself scrolling through pages of über tactical equipment and classes full of guys dressed for war and blowing out windshields. 

Where was the training and gear for your everyday woman shooter?

That’s how the Gunterest came to be.  It began as a blog, borne from a grassroots sharing of resources among myself and other women I came to meet on my journey to learn more about firearms. We were hungry to learn and improve. Our ad hoc network became a beautiful support network. 

Next came the training classes. 

I witnessed the women transform in the first few So Cal training classes I helped put together... and it was a pivotal experience.  More needed to be done for women shooters.  We are the most under-served yet fastest-growing demographic in the industry.  Whatever your views may be on firearms, everyone can agree our women gun owners should access the best training out there.  A growing population of confident, able, and responsible gun owners means everyone wins.

Gunterest's aim is to purposefully serve women in the industry.  Women - and the men that support them - drive the direction of this company. 

Welcome to Gunterest and thank you for your support. Take a look around and tell your friends about us.  We'd love to hear from you!  









Huntington Beach, California